DR:UM – University Ministry

Damascus Road University Ministry (DR:UM) is an international Christian student group in Maastricht. We are a group of students and young adults that come together each week at DR:UM night. Here we build lasting friendships as we have fun together and grow together as disciples of Jesus.

Wednesday night is DR:UM night. We alternate between DR:UM Fellowship Nights (we hear a message, enjoy worship, and have coffee/tea) and DR:UM Outreach Events (events to help the people of our city.) We meet on Wednesday nights at 19:30 at St. Pieterstraat 6 (side entrance to the NGK church). Keep updated with us on Facebook to see the latest events and details!

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DR:UM is also in connection with SFC Europe: http://www.sfceurope.org/


Upcoming events:

19 April: Open Worship Night @ Lux ad Mosam

DR:UM participates in the cooperative of the Open Worship Night. This is an organisation between several ministries that aims to bring Christians in Maastricht together to worship and praise God in unity. It rests its foundations on the idea that being in God’s presence is one of His most precious gifts we can experience. Please do join us, and bring an open heart!

19:30, Lux ad Mosam building, Bogaardenstraat 43B

26 April: No DR:UM

Because of the Outreach Event on the 27th, there is no official DR:UM fellowship night on the 26th.

26 April: 24Skies @ Park City Church in Heerlen

Though DR:UM is not officially meeting on the 26th, we’d like to bring this event to your attention. 24Skies is a South African band that creates some great contemporary Christian music. They are touring through Europe and are very eager to come and bring music to the body of Christ. Check out some of their videos on YouTube! If you can, please bless them with your presence and honour them with you support! <3

20:00, Park City Church Heerlen

27 April: Coffee Outreach @ Vrijthof 

DR:UM is stepping out of the boat! As we have been speaking about Outreach these past few months, we’d like to step out now and DO outreach. We’ll be flyering and handing out coffee to pedestrians. The 27th is also Koningsdag, which means there will likely be many people on the streets. Together we will form a wonderful, supportive team. Will you join us?

17:00-21:00, Vrijthof square

3 May: DR:UM Fellowship Night

19:30, St. Pieterstraat 6

10 May: DR:UM Fellowship Night

With guest speakers Patrick and Christel Hataney, we will be looking at the topics of healing and forgiveness.

19:30, St. Pieterstraat 6

17 May: DR:UM Fellowship Night

Guest speaker Michael Krysztofiak will speak on the topic of ‘this generation’: how to go about being a Christian in the world of today, in the generation of today!

19:30, St. Pieterstraat 6

24 May: Outreach week

Keep updated with what we’re up to for this week, on Facebook or Instagram!

31 May: DR:UM Fellowship Night

For this Fellowship Night, we’ll be dealing with the topic of ‘a humble feast’, as we listen to guest speaker Skye Young!

19:30, St. Pieterstraat 6

7 June: DR:UM Fellowship Night

Once more we will listen to guest speaker Michael, but this time for the topic ‘lost/found’. It will also be the concluding sermon for this semester and year in DR:UM!

19:30, St. Pieterstraat 6

14 June: Open Worship Night @ Lux

We will be concluding this academic year with a bang: a celebration of God’s goodness and heavenly presence through a worship night. The Open Worship Night collective aims to bring Christians together from every church in the city, so as to worship God in unity! It opens up to the many forms that honouring God can take on. Come and join us!

19:30, Lux ad Mosam building, Bogaardenstraat 43B