DR:UM – Small Groups

What is a Small Group?

Small Groups are groups of about 5 to 10 student, who gather together weekly to study the Bible. Each group gathers on an evening during the week in one of the members home. There, the group grows closer together in friendship and share their faith. Many groups also eat together and enjoy each others company in other events.

What do we study?

This September we will have a short study on the book of Acts.

During the last semester, we have been studying the first half of the gospel of Luke. This semester, starting in October, we will finish it up.

We follow the Community Bible Study books and discussion processes.

Joining a group

Sign-ups are now open!
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“I liked the opportunity to hear other people’s thought about the scripture and be encouraged on this Christian journey.”

-Lara Shorinmade

“I liked learning and studying together as a group. Encourage,challenge and support one another. Just to have fun and hang out.
Recommendation: absolutely, its a great way of meeting new people and grow in your faith.”

-Renske Letema

“I loved having something to look forward to every week with lovely people and focus on God’s word for us. It was really relaxing and refreshing.”

-Lucile Lesueur

“I loved the sense of community in a small group, enjoyed learning from the curiosity of fellow Christians, was encouraged by their stories, and developed a deeper appreciation for and knowledge of the Bible.”

-Praveen Koshy Sam

“Small group has been a huge blessing in many ways. Seeing Christs’ heart shine through each of these young people has impacted me and my faith deeply. Small group is something special. I see it as a gift from God, one way of how He revealed more of His heart to me. Sharing our thoughts and personal experiences af the past week or just about our lives, its amazing to see/ hear God at work in the lives of the youth of today!! Every monday evening I would go home, in awe at how good, compassionate and loving our God is for giving us fellow believers to encourage one another in this journey of taking steps in faith, into the wide world – sharing Christs love. Saying goodbye to these people after 5 months, filled with pure joy and humble gratitude, knowing this; wherever in the world He may send us out, we are one in Christ. Nothing can seperate these friendships, because its Christ holding it together – Love, the perfect bond of unity. Unfailing, unstoppable – how great is our God!
A new generation is rising – testifying of God’s goodness. For me small group helped me to put on the full armor of God to face that following week – fully equiped, dressed in the love grace and peace of our Lord. Unity is pleasing in God’s sight. Let Him lead you to a small group of great people with an overflowing passion for Christ. Being strenghtned, encouraged and build up to step out into the world, putting His truth and Love into action. Sharing your faith – one light at a time.”

-Kaat Swartebroeckx