DR:UM – BreakAway

BreakAway is a weekend out with your fellow DR:UM students, filled with good teaching, worship, fun and fellowship. You will meet new people, learn more about God and eat good food.

This year it was awesome!

Thank you everyone that joined! Special thanks also goes to Austin, who was an inspiring guest speaker!

Scavenger hunt

Groups can send their files through wetransfer.com.

To send your files:

  • Have your files named with your group’s name and the number of the challenge it correspondes to.
  • Go to wetransfer.com.
  • Click on + Add your files.
  • Browse through your files and select all the files.
  • In the Email to field, add:
    sarahc.rickard@gmail.com; bruno@lubascher.com
  • If you or a member of your team does not want their picture or videos to be made public in Facebook or the website, you can add your/their names on the Message field. If it is just a particular picture or video, add the number of the challenge to be left out of publications.