Why Damascus Road?

Our church’s name refers to a transformative event in the book of Acts in the Bible. A man named Saul traveled the road between Jerusalem, Israel, and Damascus, Syria. He set out to attack the Christ-followers in Damascus, but Jesus Himself encountered Saul on the way. Appearing in a light that blinded Saul, Jesus asked him, “Why are you persecuting Me?” The voice directed Saul to the city where a man awaited to pray for the healing of Saul’s eyes and to teach him about the Jesus who had appeared to him.

In meeting with God, Saul was transformed from persecutor to persecuted. That brush with the divine affected every area of Saul’s life: his identity, his life’s work, even his name. Saul became the Apostle Paul, who wrote many of the New Testament books of the Bible and whose missionary journeys brought to many nations the good news of the salvation God offers through Jesus.

At Damascus Road International Church, our journey is the same as Saul’s. We are all about encountering God and growing together, relationally and spiritually, to take the gospel message all over the world.

Read Saul’s Damascus Road story in the Bible: Acts 9