DRIC In Your Words

Much more than a building or a meeting place, a church is a group of people whose stories come together, showing God’s plan through history.

Here are some of the stories intersecting at Damascus Road.

Mayo, Mexican:

“Damascus Road is like home away from home, a blessing for all God’s children from around the world gathered in Maastricht. The church staff have been more than spiritual guides; they are true friends and worthy ambassadors of the word of God.”


Laura, Italian:

“Damascus Road…it’s not just a church. It’s like spiritual fresh air in Maastricht. It’s a door wide open. It’s a sincere invitation to come to Jesus. I’m very thankful for it and the good work started here.”


Jiri, Dutch/Moluccan:

“DRIC is a church where Christ really is central. It offers a home, a get-together, a shelter, and a place of encouragement to everyone, not only on Sunday but every day. It is a place where it is not about popularity. Everyone is valuable and everyone matters. DRIC focuses on your personal relationship with God and how to use that relationship to serve and reach the outside community as well. I have lived in Maastricht for over eight years and, personally, it felt like living in a desert. DRIC has brought water to that desert, and I thank God for that and for everyone who has made that possible.”


How has DRIC been a part of your story? Tell it in your words. Email info@damascusroadic.com your experience and a photo to share here.